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AGRHUB has always been valuing the first thing that actually matters to move our company forward — our people. Just like one solid family, we build trust with our people, and nurturing one and other in order to get better each and every day. Through embedding company’s cultures and by continuously improving our people’s competences, AGRHUB establishes a long term relationships with mutual benefits where no one gets left behind.


Transform your dream

  1. Growing - To stay motivated in getting better is a lifetime exercise!
  2. Exploring - Reach for the sky, stay curious, for the universe is yours to explore!
  3. Achieving - When you want something for all the right reasons, you don’t stop asking yourself ‘why not?’
  4. Living as a Better Human Being - The best way to live is to have a life that gives meaning to self and everyone around

Mobile Developer

Design and build high impact features for the iOS/ Android platform
Collaborate with cross-functional teams to define, design, and ship new features
Foster strong culture of software engineering best practices by implementing processes and tools (code reviews, code quality, automation, CI/CD to monitoring)
Work closely with App Infrastructure team to build scable app architecture and robust testing system

Front End Developer

Be an integral part of the application development team, with special emphasis on implementing the UI design in front-end application code (Javascript , JQuery.js, Node.js, CSS, HTML, etc.).
Review, analyze, and modify existing proprietary applications to correct errors, improve performance and add new features.
Work in a team environment, take direction, collaborate in meetings and effectively communicate with the team with a positive and forward-thinking attitude.
Provide above average level of customer service to all customers (internal and external).
Perform other related duties as assigned.

Back End Developer

Java/JavaEE, Spring Boot, Spring MVC, Spring Data, Spring Security
REST APIs, including API documentation (Swagger)
Messaging technology (Kafka, RabbitMQ or ActiveMQ)
Caching technology (Redis, Elasticsearch)
Tools including Docker, Maven, Git
Strong at in-memory and relational databases (MariaDB)
Experience with multi-threading, concurrency, performance optimization
Experience with security system implementation
Micro-services (JHipster)
Deployment of scalable systems to cloud infrastructures like AWS and Google Cloud

AI Engineer

Engage in algorithm & product development in Computer Vision.
Face/Action Recognition technologies of AGRHUB.
Research and integrate applications of Machine Learning.
Deep Learning Neural Network into AGRHUB’s Computer Vision technologies. 
You will get the opportunity to do everything related to AI, Computer Vision. We have several projects in several fields like Agriculture (livestock monitoring), Smart city (traffic management, theft alarm), Smart Factory (staff management and fraud control), Banking (EKYC), Retail (traffic tracking), Advertising (emotion recognition), etc. Your assigned project will base on your level and capability. 

Embedded Developer

Knowledge in software architecture and design pattern in embedded software system.
Knowledge in data structure and algorithm.
Knowledge in concurrency, network-programming using either Linux system call or POSIX.
Knowledge in communication protocols (USB, ETH, UART, etc.)
Knowledge in Linux administration, kernel and driver development in Linux is a plus.
Experience in network system (WAN, L2SW, TCP/IP, ICMP) or consumer electronics (CCTV Camera, Printer) is a plus.
Logical thinking, problem solving, learning attitude and team work skills.

Hardware Developer

Design hardware schematics and customize full-functional circuits: power management, WiFi, Bluetooth, Zigbee.
Integrate different sensors and peripheral modules to make a complete functional circuit.
Assists in component sourcing and hardware selections.
Cooperate with software team to build and test functionalities of circuits.
Design testing procedures for PCB.
Start to finish ownership of control boards and other electronics – from document specification to design, prototype, and manufacturing.

Business Development

A business development manager is responsible for the growth and market position of the organization, including the development of business relationships that will positively impact the organization. Job responsibilities of a business development manager include maintaining customer relationships, locating and developing relationships with new clients in order to grow the business, creating and presenting material to clients, identifying new trends in the industry, advising the company on how to capitalize on market trends, enhancing the organization's reputation among clients and participating in pricing solutions.

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